“Flagstaff is great, but sometimes you need a break from the patio parties, travelers playing geetar for spare change, and those torrential Monsoon downpours that flood half the town. Most of us venture to Sedona for a fun, close trip away, but if you aren’t feeling super Namaste, Cottonwood, Arizona has an up-and-coming scene that you should definitely check out.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when Cottonwood was so desolate that if Tina Turner popped up from behind a tumbleweed and asked, “Which way to the Thunderdome?”* you wouldn’t even bat an eyelash as you pointed, “that way.” But those days are long gone. Aside from the usual big box stores and fast food chains littering most towns, Cottonwood has developed quite the music, art, and wine scene. Adding to this progressive mix is Main Stage Theater, Cottonwood’s latest music and art venue that just celebrated its one-year anniversary in May.

Conveniently located off of Main Street, Main Stage offers an eclectic blend of music and art. Conceptualized and created by owner, Becca Riffel, Main Stage seeks to foster community development by having an all-in-one venue showcasing local and regional acts. They feature “live” painting shows, national comedy tours, and a variety of music including guitarist Maxwell Hughes, formerly of The Lumineers, heavy metal shows like Green Jello, which is Maynard from Tool’s first band, and local jam sessions where Mikki Free, a Grammy Award-winning artist, has been known to make appearances.” To continue reading this article from Keep Flag Happy, click here.