“One of the great things about living in Arizona is all the great traveling destinations one can reach by car in just a short time. Ski in Flagstaff, houseboat on Lake Powell, climb the steps in Bisbee (if you know Bisbee you know), meditate at Sedona’s vortex, hunt ghosts in dozens of towns. Despite all these intriguing attractions, folks I know still travel to Vegas every single time they have a chance to get out of town. Why? Because the city comes alive at night. Sure, an adorably quaint downtown and interesting spots might fill your daytime hours, but when the sun sets a town that settles down for the night is, well, boring. You might find a spot for a late night drink with some of the locals, but that doesn’t match the excitement of a vibrant nightlife.” Read more.

“The Verde Valley has a number of small venues for music, comedy, the arts and community gatherings.

There are a couple school auditoriums for larger performances with fixed seating, but there are few large locations where you can see a name performer, hold a large wedding or stage corporate events in a comfortable setting without traveling to Flagstaff, Prescott or Phoenix.

Three young people hope to bring name acts to the Verde Valley by opening a new venue in Cottonwood that, eventually, might eventually accommodate up to 400 people at a time.” Read more.

“After closing out 2013, Main Stage in Cottonwood is looking to increase programming as the venue approaches its first anniversary in May.

Co-owner and general manager Rebecca Riffel said that it has been an exciting and edcuational journey for the bar and club, and that she and booking manager Brandon Decker are putting together several big events to bring more live music and entertainment to the Verde Valley.” Read more.